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To identify and exploit optimal weeding times in competitive field vegetables and potato crops. - HH2007SFV

Previously determined optimum weeding times will be tested in experiments with drilled brassica crops sown at intervals through the year under different weather conditions and with different natural weed populations. The optimum timing for weed removal will be determined in main-crop potatoes. When the optimum weeding period has been established for the standard crop, the optimum time for weeding will be determined in potatoes planted at intervals through the year for the production of small salad potatoes. The optimum weeding times will be determined for radish and other crops that require a short growing period. The effect of previous cropping on subsequent weed development will be studied in transplanted onion and cabbage crops grown after winter cover-crops. The plant competition model will be tested and refined using data from previous competition studies and from experiments designed to examine particular aspects of the growth and competitive interactions between crop and weeds.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1999

Cost: £488,510
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Horticulture Research International
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