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The effect on denitrification and nitrous oxide emission of management to reduce nitrate leaching in dairy systems - NT1909

Existing work carried out at ADAS Bridgets (the MIDaS project) has studied how dairy farm management practices can ameliorate pollution of watercourses (largely by nitrate). Although the MIDaS project has generated fairly extensive data on nitrate leaching from different management practices, and more limited data on ammonia volatilisation, little or no data exists for nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and denitrification, respectively. Measurements of N2O emission and denitrification would allow the mass balance of N in the systems to be estimated, and ultimately advice on the environmental acceptability of the management practices to be given. This study will provide baseline measurements for the MIDaS project on N2O emissions and N loss by denitrification. Field experiments will be conducted to determine the loss of N by denitrification following fertiliser application for each of the 3 management systems being studied within the MIDaS project. Chamber techniques will be used to determine diurnal patterns and spatial variability in N2O emissions. Micrometeorological techniques will provide integrated N2O fluxes over larger areas, while total N loss by denitrification will be determined using acetylene inhibition of intact cores incubated in the field. In addition, background measurements of N2O fluxes from other components of each system will be made. Finally, a small plot trial will be set up to study the N2O and N2 fluxes from spring applied cattle slurry. Results of the study will provide additional data to the MIDaS project, allowing more complete N balances to be constructed and aiding in the validation of the current N cycling model which is being applied to these systems.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1996

Cost: £26,330
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Fertilisers and Nitrate Pollution