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Real time test for the specific detection of pathogenic micro-organisms - FS1244

To research develop and deliver an industrially relevant prototype assay for the real time detection of pathogenic micro-organisms, employing a cloned and biotechnologically purified bacteriophage lysin coupled with a state of the art ATP based detection protocol. 1. To clone lysin from a Campylobacter specific bacteriophage and evaluate its lytic potential in camplobacter. 2. To formulate the lysin into a modification of the HY-lite ATP assay developed by Amersham international plc. 3. To provide, on a commercial basis, the purified lysins for E. Merck to develop a commercial reagent ATP assay kit. 4. To evaluate the opportunities for the technology in a wider form with the cloning of lysins specific for other key bacterial pathogens. 5. To undertake an industrial market research survey with the object of establishing market requirements for on line detection which will support the choice of the design and development priority for viable commercial on line detection kits.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1998

Cost: £169,215
Contractor / Funded Organisations
JSD Technologies Ltd