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Case studies of waste minmisation on farms - OC9501

This study will aim to quantify the economic and environmental benefits that might be obtained on representative types of farm by adopting simple waste minimisation measures. The project will involve in-depth case studies on representative farm types and will be composed of 7 objectives outlined as follows, together with ways in which they might be achieved: 1. Identification of at least 10 farms, representative of different farm types, on which case studies will be carried out. Farms chosen will mainly be in the Midlands, but will include examples in Wales, the South West and East Anglia; 2. Implementation of visits to each study farm in order to systematically quantify any wastage of inputs and all waste outputs arising. Processes will be audited and sources/causes of wastes identified. Outputs will be quantified by measurement or by calculation and comparison against known standards; 3. Identification, in collaboration with the farmer (and/or his manager), of practical opportunities for minimising or recycling wastes; 4. Ranking of opportunities and identifying those likely to have the greatest impact on costs and the environment; 5. Implementation of a technical and economical evaluation of the most promising waste minimisation options for each farm and assessment of the likely environmental benefits of these measures. The most promising options identified in the previous objective will be evaluated for costs, savings, payback period and environmental benefits; 6. Outlining of recommendations (in the form of individual reports) for simple changes giving a short payback period for each study farm which will provide a series of case studies; and 7. Production of a report for MAFF summarising opportunities, recommendations and likely environmental benefits for all the farms studied. General conclusions will be drawn regarding the feasibility of simple waste minimisation measures for UK farms, the extent to which such measures are already in use and any barriers to their adoption. Results of the study will support the Government’s overall waste strategy and MAFF’s policy of encouraging agricultural systems which are competitive but also conserve the environment.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1996

Cost: £39,645
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Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Agriculture