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Detection of genetically modified organisms in foods. - FS0205

1.Identify suitable DNA sequences to be used as targets for DNA probes/PCR; design and obtain suitable primers/probes. Build up a panel of probes and PCR primers covering all currently published markers, and other genes of use as targets with the aim of detecting the presence of GM derived materials. 2.Optimise DNA extraction procedures to maximise yield and quality of DNA from foods of most immediate interest as likely targets for inclusion of GMO derived material. Investigate key matrix factors with potentially inhibitory effects on the assay methods. 3.Evaluate methods for acceptable limits of detection of transgenes in foods of interest by addition of single copy equivalents of target DNA to DNA derived from the foods. Also optimise target size for PCR detection. 4.Evaluate methods for identification of the source of the transgene from GMO derived foods, by identification of species of origin of gene. 5.Test the techniques developed on as wide a range of GMOs and foods derived from them as available through contacts with industry and research organisations. 6.Address issues of quantitation of GMO derived material in a food stuff: eg., proportion of tomato paste sample derived from GM tomatoes. 7.Optimise assay for routine analytical use.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1998

Cost: £97,570
Contractor / Funded Organisations