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Study of potential mechanisms leading to beach contamination in the vicinty of Sellafield - AE0133

R&D Summary objective:- Identify ways in whcih items contaminated by radionuclides would be washed onto beaches in the vicinity of Sellafield and to recommend actions that could be taken to prevent or reduce the risk of this happening. Key customer purpose:- TO provide MAFF with information on conditions under which the potential for beach contamination is increased such that MAFF can take whatever action might be necessary under RSA1993 to reduce the risk of future incidents.
1) To compile information of possible relevance to beach contamination episodes. 2) To assess the information in order to identify classes of biota and other materials, either associated with the pipeline or in the general marine environment, that can give rise to high concentrations of radioactivity. 3) To identify possible mechanisms by which the materials could be released and transported onto the beach. 4) To perform scoping calculations to explore the relative importance of environmental accumulations of radioactivity from past discharges as compared to current discharges. 5) To consider possible requirements for further monitoring. 6) To prepare report on study.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1995

Cost: £10,802
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Alan Martin Associates
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine