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`Hot Particles in the Terrestrial Foodchain: Sources, Characterisation and Radiological Implications` - RP0420

Recent terrestrial based studies performed at WRI have, looking at aerial deposition and resuspension of particles, have revealed the presence of hot particles in the terrestrial environment. This study is complemented by this project which will investigate the source term, abundance and characteristics of hot particles. Special attention is given to investigating the presence of hot particles in foodstuffs and subsequent radiological implications will be derived. Numerous soil and vegetation samples will be collected close to Sellafield and processed for hot particle identification. Scanning Electron Microscopy and radiochemical analysis will be performed to assisst in the characterisation of such particles.
1 To provide a critical review of the scientific literature regarding the emissions and properties of hot particles from nuclear installations as well as those emitted from the Chernobyl reactor. 2 To quantify the abundance of hot particles in the terrestrial environment in the vacinity of Sellafield. 3 To characterise such hot particles regarding their elemental, mineralogical or radioactive content. 4 To assess the availability of hot particles to enter the foodchain, either via inhalation or ingestion. 5 To radiologically assess the hot particle content of any food items.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1996

Cost: £56,264
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Westlakes Research (Trading) Ltd