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Evaluation and calibration of HADH method for detecting previously frozen meats and poultry. - AN1119

To further develop aspects of the current HADH method for detecting whether meat and/or poultry has been previously frozen and then, through authenticated samples, test the reproducibility and repeatability of the revised method. Also, to build up a database of results from authentic samples to establish limits for each product group.
The HADH method currently used to determine whether meats or poultry have been previously frozen has only been collaboratively tested for chicken breast meat. Further, the method relies on expressing the meat juices from the sample and detecting the level of HADH that is present. However, although the amount of juice expressed without generating further damage to the tissues is critical to the success of the method, the specification does not include standardisation of this procedure. This study is designed to address the issue of the meat press, evaluate and calibrate a revised analytical protocol, and develop a database covering the product range likely to be of interest in any future surveillance programme.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1995

Cost: £45,000
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