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Continuous plankton recorder survey of the North West European Shelf and North East Atlantic - MF0419

R&D Summary Objectives:- Monitor and analyse the incidence of specific plankton species and oceanographic parameters in the North Sea and Shelf areas over an extended time frame. Key Customer Purposes:- Provide details of phytoplankton variation over an extended time frame in order to monitor responses to climate change and pollution.
1. Maintenance and extension of the existing long-term Continuous Plankton Survey in the NW European Shelf Seas and the North Atlantic Basin. 2. Addition of environmental sensors, flow meters, new sampling systems and other appropriate devices to the basic CPR monitoring system. 3. Description of the long-term temporal and spatial changes in the abundance and population structure of mesoplankton in the upper mixed layer. 4. Conversion of CPR abundance values to biomass taking into account of (a) volume sampled, (b) regional differences and (c) seasonal variability. 5. Preparation of an updated plankton atlas of the North Atlantic, including "dynamic" representations of seasonal changes of the commoner taxa. 6. Comparison of trends and patterns in plankton populations with hydrographic, climatic and antropogenic events and influences so as to provide a better understanding of the nature and causes of long-term variability in the upper ocean ecosystem. 7. Correlation of the changes in plankton populations and abundance with the variability in recruitment of exploited populations. 8. Application of the CPR data to investigations on the effects of pollution and enhanced inorganic loadings on pelagic ecosystems. 9. Extraction of further information from existing CPR database on aspects of particular and current interest. 10. Co-ordination with targeted research programmes by providing greater spatial and temporal resolution of data and results.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1998

Cost: £492,869
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
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Marine Fisheries