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N mineralisation in arable conditions (Previously NT0102) - NT1504

This study will aim to improve guidelines for crop husbandry and efficient fertiliser use on arable crops over a range of soil types, on the basis of improved estimation of N levels in soils according to residues of N from the last crop, cultivation practices and weather conditions. Experiments will be conducted to test the hypothesis that rates of N mineralization in arable land can be reliably estimated according to the following factors: characteristics (in terms of C content, N content and decomposition rate) of any organic materials recently applied; type of soil (in terms of texture and organic matter content); extent of soil disturbance; and weather conditions (in terms of temperature and rainfall). A series of field experiments will be conducted (at a site with little residual soil organic matter) to compare mineralization from both root and shoot material of different species and N nutrition by frequent monitoring of soil mineral N and CO2 efflux. Results from the study will be used to develop models of N cycling in arable agriculture and natural ecosystems.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1998

Cost: £557,556
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Fields of Study
Fertilisers and Nitrate Pollution