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To evaluate how specific properties of herbage plants control eating behaviour and intake in grazers - DS0406

(i) Identify contrasting herbage germplasm selected for morphological and anatomical variation and evaluate their comparative effects on ingestive behaviour, intake rate and particle breakdown. (ii) Evaluate the effects of germplasm with contrasting physical charactristics on prehension and ingestive behaviour. (iii) Evaluate the effects of herbage germplasm with contrasting chemical composition and cell wall degradability on ingestion behaviour and rumen digestion. (iv) Indentify the quantitatively most important plant characteristic affecting ingestion and evaluate their effects on voluntary intake in stall-fed and grazing ruminants. (v) Develop quantitative relationships between specific plant conponents and voluntary intake.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1992

To: 1995

Cost: £385,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Institute of Grassland and Environment Research (IGER)
Fields of Study