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Optimising the balance and synchrony of supply of nutrients for silage-fed cattle by choice feeding - DS0411

The LUCIFIR system will be used to monitor feeding behaviour and to control the allocation of supplements to silage-fed cattle. In the first experiment lactating and dry cows will be offered supplements high and low in UDP and their choices compared. In a second experiment with lactating cows, some will be offered a supplement high in UDP, other one low in UDP and yet others a choice of the two;performance will be monitored to see to what extent the choice-fed animals optimise their diet. In the third phase, growing dairy-cross cattle will be given large meals of grass silage and supplement of various types will be offered in different patterns with time during several hours after the silage meal to investigate the optimum way of supplementing to give a synchronous supply of nutrients
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1995

To: 1998

Cost: £124,816
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Leeds
Fields of Study