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Migration studies Food contact elastomeric materials - FS2219

It is anticipated that the EC will consider legislation on food contact elastomeric materials following completion of legislation relating to plastic materials and polymeric coatings. The use of elastomers in food contact situations tends to be in situations of short term contact. Potential migration of a wide variety of constituents such as monomers vulcanising agents, plasticisers, oil, waxes antidegradanrs etc. can occur. THe research studies proposed through industrial collaboration and development of appropriate representative testing protocols will advise MAFF on possible risks to the consumer from food contact materials. Development of new techniques or approaches to detect low level migration of the wide variety of possible migrating species and evaluation of existing and new food simulants particularly for fatty foods will be an important part of this research.
1. To provide detailed information on the use and potential type and level of migrating species from elastomeric materials employed in the various sectors of the food industry. 2. To consider and evaluate appropriate test simulants. 3. To develop procedures to detect a range of potential migrant types in simulants and food products. 4. To provide quantitative data on migration into foodstuffs in a number of selected high risk areas. 5. To provide comparative data using simulants. 6. To set up and manage an industrial multi-client group project to obtain additional data and to act as a forum for discussion on the UK viewpoint in relation to potential EC legislation.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £246,654
Contractor / Funded Organisations
RAPRA Technology Limited