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Integrating public and scientific judgements into a tool kit for managing food-related risks: data collection. - FS1826

CERM has undertaken a research programme on behalf of MAFF to develop and test a decision-aiding software package known as the "tool kit. The aim is to increase the openness and accountability of the risk management proces by ascertaining and cosidering public as well as scientific concerns about food-related risks in an explicit, systematic and non-arbitrary manner. The first three stages comprised a literature review and feasibiity study; software development and a field test of the system by eight groups of consumers, stratified by age, sex and socio-economic class. The proposed fourth stage advances the previous work and comproses the crucial collection of data from dignificant stakeholders in food risk management in order to build up a substantial database within the tool kit. Without obtainig these judgements from stakeholders, the ultimate goal of this research programme, to increase confidence inthe food supply, cannot be achieved.
1. To provide a rational, transparent and scientifically and socially sound ranking of food-related risks and benefits. 2. To build up a substantial body of data so that the tool kit becomes a useful source of information to aid in the development of policy. 3. To investigate the extent of different judgements regarding food-related risks and benefits. 4. To analyse any such differences with a view to identifying commonalities and differences within and between stakeholder groups. 5. To increase consumer confidence in the food supply.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1997

Cost: £119,862
Contractor / Funded Organisations
East Anglia University, Environmental Sc