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Control of airborne microbial contamination in high care food production areas. - FS1034

The proposal is for a joint project between CFDRA and Silsoe Research Institute to undertake a case study of the sources adn fate of airborne microorganisms in selected factory environments. The work will utilise computational fluid dynamics to predict movement of airborne particles and predictions will be compared with actual environmental measurements. The aim is to produce modelling techniques to describe the fate of airborne microorganisms in a factory processing environment.
1. To undertake a case study in three factory environments to monitor in detail the sources and fate of airborne microorganisms. 2. To develop a computational model to predict movement of air in the process environments. 3. To predict the air temperatures and using particle tracking techniques, the movements of particles in the process environments. 4. To measure the spread and movement of pathogens in a food processing environment using detection in the air and on factory surfaces. 5. To compare the predictions of air flow and particle movement with measured data and to modify the model where required.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1996

Cost: £237,634
Contractor / Funded Organisations
sub contract fron CCFRA to SRI, Campden Technology Ltd