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The role of natural and industrial sources of Fe minerals in the geochemical behaviour of radionuclides in the NS AE0130 - AE1204

R&D Summary Objective:- To determine the extent to which iron and manganese minerals from both natural and industrial sorces contribute to the remobilisation and distribution of radionuclides from sediments in the north-eastern Irish Sea. Key Customer Purpose:- To enable current monitoring strategies to be more cost effective through a better understanding of the likely distribution of radionuclides in the Irish Sea, and thus enable MAFF to make informed descisions regarding authorisation of discharges of radionuclides from Sellafield.
(a) To determine the site specific distribution of alpha emitters on sediment grains, Esk estuary and off shore Cumbrian waters in relation to Kd factors. (b) To identify the relative uptake of alpha emitters and some gamma emitters onto natural iron minerals, debris from industrial processing of iron in Cumbria and natural; redox cycling with particular reference to seasonal biogeochemical cycles. (c) To evaluate the role of iron and manganese radionuclide associations. (d) To determine the natural transport processes, and their rates, likely to influence the retention of radionuclides in the iron-manganese system for Cumbrian waters. (e) To evaluate the likely influence of the total available iron-manganese system on retention or loss of radionuclide over the next 100 years. (f) To provide an index whereby the state of the iron-manganese system at any time can be identified in terms of uptake of radionuclides. To identify any other major element association controlling factors. To identify the role of reactive iron in the system.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1996

Cost: £66,165
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Phoenix Research Laboratory
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine