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Review of the Clarity and Accessibility of Language Used in Existing MAFF `Tool-kit` for Assessing Consumer Perceptions. - FS2404

The project will review the text and descriptions used in the Ministry developed interactive software package, the 'tool-kit'. The software was demonstrated to the Consumer Panel and FAC who welcomed the approach, however they found that the language used was not sufficiently clear for the general public. This project aims to assess the text descriptions of risks and benefits,and the help and example screens used in the software program.
1)To review and revise the language used to describe the risks,benefits and food issues characteristics, 2) To re-phrase the 'Help' and example screens on the tool-kit software, 3)The final text use din the tool-kit must be clearly understood by the public whilst ensuring that the descriptions are 'non-biased' and that the statements remain unaltered, 4)To suggest whether the language needs to be tailored to suit different classes of the population and different target markets eg food experts, scientists, socio-economic classes, 5)To provide a final report of the changes with recommendations.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1994

Cost: £3,043
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Plain English Campaign