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Constructing Consumer Profiles Using Target Group Index - FS2403

This project will profile consumers into 'attitudinal' groups. The project will aim to target those people who are at a higher risk of exposure to food additives through their consumption of additive-rich foods. Such profiles will enable MAFF to channel their resources better into providing future advice and information on food additives and identify suitable participants for future surveys.
- to create variables of consumers who are heavy users of 'additive-rich' foods and variables of consumers who follow a healthy diet, - to conduct analysis of these variables using (i) graphical segregation of the consumers using TGI Choices 'Correspondence' analysis and (ii) producing discrete profiles of consumers using TGI Choices 'Cluster' analysis, - BMRB to provide MAFF with full descriptions of the results of these analysis and suggest further segregration of these groups.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1994

Cost: £6,875
Contractor / Funded Organisations
British Market Research Bureau Ltd