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Development of a diagnostic kit for the identification of crayfish plague. - FC0505

R&D Summary Objectives:- Develop a diagnostic kit for the identification of crayfish plague. Key customer purposes:- Through rapid testing enable MAFF to more effectively control the import of crayfish and monitor their distribution from hatcheries, enabling a correct response to NCC pressure.
The objectives of this work are, (i) to produce monoclonal antibodies (Mb's) that preferentially bind to A. astaci but negligibly bind to related species of Aphanomyces, and (ii) to develop these monoclonals into a kit form usable in the identification of the presence of the fungus. Good progress has already been achieved in the first aim (Final Report of NCC/MAFF contract, HF3.03.410A) and Mb's with good specificity for A. astaci have been obtained.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1989

To: 1991

Cost: £26,664
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Durham University, Dept. of Biological S
Fields of Study
Fish Health and Aquaculture