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Quality assured time-dependent modelling data for 14C uptake by crops - RP0116

Dynamic data for 14C uptake by cabbage, bean and potato crops will be obtained by experimentation in the MAFF/CARE wind tunnel. Transfer coefficients will be obtained for initial absorption and subsequenct redistribution at ten intervals during crop growth; these data will be suitable for use in MAFF's SPADE model as will as being of more general applicability for use in dynamic and specific activity models. In addition to quantitative fluxes, qualitative determination will be made of the chemical form of 14C once 'fixed' by the plants. This will give information on the likely gut absorption of radiocarbon from crops following consumption by animals or humans. The project is designed around a PhD studentship starting Oct 1993 and ending Sept 1996.
Technical: 1. To convert the MAFF/CARE windtunnel to a recirculating design. 2. To recruit and train a PhD student 3. To establish quality assurance protocols and produce a finalised QA documentation. 4. To produce a final report and associated publications. Scientific: 1. To provide quality assured, dynamic crop (beans, cabbage and potatoes) 14C uptake data for radiological dose estimated in the vicinity of UK nuclear installations, including power stations, reprocessing and isotope manufacturing plants.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1996

Cost: £69,770
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - London