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`A study of the commercial shrimp fisheries of the Humber Estuary, and their interactions with other species` - MF0613

R&D Summary Objectives:- Study the Humber Estuary brown shrimp fishery including discard levels and survival rates of fish by-catch, and continue research into improved net selectivity. Key customer purposes:- Enable MAFF to consider introducing technical measures to reduce the substantial by-catch of juvenile fish in the brown shrimp fisheries of the Humber Estuary.
1. (a) Continue research into the Modified Larsen Grid, investigating different bar spacings and angles of attack, also comparing the Grid with the veil on commercial vessels. (b) Continue the studies of fish and shrimp reactions to fishing gears and examine cod-end selectivity. (c) Study the mortality of commercially important fish and shellfish caught within the shrimp trawl and survival rates of those that are subsequently returned to the water. (d) Monitor on a weekly basis the by-catch levels in the fishery to give a proper assessment of discard level of fish and shrimp. 2. (a) Assess the seasonal variations in the distribution and abundance of shrimp and fish populations on the Haile sand in the Humber Estuary. (b) Study the impact of commercial fishing on shrimp and fish populations by assessing the interactions between shrimp and juvenile fish species within the ecosystem and in particular, the predator prey relationships.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1994

To: 1996

Cost: £97,193
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Humberside
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Fields of Study
Marine Fisheries