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The influence of naturally occurring & synthetic antioxidant on metabolic pathways involved in toxicity & carcinogenicit - FS1709

The level of dietary antioxidants has been found to have a profound effect on human health in modifying the incidence of cancers at a variety of sites. The results of animal experiments have suppported this correlation. The research project will extend the animal studies to include the effect of a range of naturally occurring and synthetic antioxidants on both natural and chemically induced cancer incidences. The biochemical bases for the results will be examined in terms of detoxifing metabolism. Parallel studies at the collaborating laboratory will examine the effects of the treatments on oxidated damage to membrane phospholipids.
To establish dose/response relationships in the short term tissue and biochemical assay using the selected anti-oxidants.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1996

Cost: £261,240
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Medical Research Council