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Improving data and indicators to track progress in climate change adaptation - CA0519

The aim of this project is to better understand the challenges and solutions faced by the UK and internationally with respect to monitoring of adaptation policies.
It is a challenge for many, if not most, countries to define and monitor progress in adapting to climate change. This has limited the continuous improvement of adaptation plans, strategies and action at subnational, national and global levels. Tracking progress in adaptation is one area where international collaboration, sharing of experience and good practices, mutualising data needs and data sets can generate significant added value to policy makers and the wider stakeholder communities.

Defra, with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Secretariat, embarks on a project that seeks to improve the data and indicators used to measure climate change adaptation. The initial work seeks to take stock of the availability and quality of adaptation data and indicators currently gathered and used by countries, as well as those available in repositories maintained by inter-governmental organisations, with a view to identifying gaps in existing information. In complement to an OECD-wide stock take, an in-depth case study of the UK will enable a deeper assessment of the quality, the methodology, the data collection mechanisms as well as the use of adaptation data and indicators in country contexts where significant efforts are undertaken to establish a solid data base on adaptation.

On this basis, the project seeks to prepare guidance on how to strengthen the basis of information for countries so as to be better able to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of climate change adaptation policies and actions.

While the initial phase focuses on taking stock and identifying gaps in the available data and indicators, future work will involve an evaluation and consideration of developing a cross-country comparative data repository on adaptation by the OECD, with a view to facilitating and informing countries’ adaptation work through a cross-country comparative perspective.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2021

To: 2022

Cost: £70,000
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Climate Change              
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Natural Environment