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Defra contribution to the UK Environmental Observation Framework (UK-EOF) (Cont) - BE0163

This project is a continuation of project BE0150 including the specific objective to undertake:

A review of options for improving UK coordination of environmental monitoring to drive UK commitments internationally and improve efficiency.

The UKEOF works to improve coordination of the observational evidence needed to understand and manage the changing natural environment. It is a partnership of public sector organisations with an interest in using and providing evidence from environmental observations.

UKEOF has been funded by a range of public sector organisations for 9 years. As the major funders of the programme Defra and NERC funded a review of the programme in early 2013. This review concluded that there was significant value in continuing the programme. As a result of this both main funders (NERC and Defra) continued funding the project for a further 3 years. This continuation of the project for a further year will include a review of options for improving UK coordination of environmental monitoring to drive UK commitments internationally and improve efficiency to inform decisions on any future partnership agreement.

As a partnership contribution, outcomes will be published by UK EOF, and can be found online:
To work collaboratively to maximise the value of the UK's environmental observations
•To achieve effective partnership working in environmental observations
•To maximise the benefits of observations to the UK including for science, policy and economic growth

UKEOF was launched in 2008 to support better communication and sharing of information across the observations community. Representatives from a range of organisations including government, research councils, devolved administrations, agencies and the voluntary sector work together through UKEOF to achieve its aims. This collaborative approach helps inform strategic direction in environmental observations and supports the efficient delivery of operational services. UKEOF informs policy, management, science and innovation for environmental and economic benefit.

UKEOF has developed tools to support transparent and evidence-based decisions concerning environmental observations. UKEOF provides a neutral space for organisations to discuss efficiencies and collaborative working. Priority areas for environmental observations have been established where a UK-wide perspective adds value
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2019

To: 2020

Cost: £60,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Centre For Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)
Environmental Change