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Sustainable Intensification Grant Scheme - Grazing LIvestock Network - LM0207

This is one of three research activity projects funded under the Sustainable Intensification Grant scheme.

Through combining data, expertise and other resources across SIP (Sustainable Intensification Platform) study farms, and working closely with existing farmer networks and multi-stakeholder groups, this project seeks to strengthen collaboration between farms in the SIP network, to identify future research needs including developing cross study farm research proposals on mitigating GHG emissions from livestock systems and optimising performance from pasture through increasing digestibility and bioavailability of minerals. This will work in tandem with the project on integrating livestock into arable systems which is being led by NIAB (LM0208). Specifically this includes:

• Critical review of the impacts of micronutrient deficiency on livestock productivity and the environment. This will include solution based approaches around bioavailability from pasture which will collate date previously collected from the three study farms.
• Establishing common methodologies and data collection across the study farms to collate sustainability metrics (economic, social and environmental).
• Collating greenhouse gas (GHG) data sets across the study farms and correlation with forage quality.
• Applying a structured process to identify and explore future interdisciplinary research needs with existing multi-stakeholder groups and local farmer networks, including those associated with current constraints on adoption of SI
• Explore synergies and opportunities for further collaboration and common methodology and datasets for natural and social sciences across the SIP farm network
• Identify potential funding sources for collaborative research projects
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2019

Cost: £15,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Game & Wildlife Conversation Trust
Livestock Farming              
Sustainable Farming and Food