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Scoping study - Evaluating the social impacts affecting AES delivery - LM0478

This project seeks to identify a set of social indicators that are empirically and conceptually sound and can be used to assess the social outcomes of Agri-Environment Scheme (AES) agreements and their link to environmental outcomes.
The first stage uses a systematic literature review to:
• Highlight how social factors affect the nature or ‘quality’ of farmer engagement with AES (attitudes, ‘ownership’, motivation, etc.) and associated behaviour change (long-term).
• Identify evidence of causal links between social outcomes (for example, whether knowledge has increased or stress levels have been affected) and environmental outcomes,
• Identify knowledge gaps.

The second stage uses the review and expert elicitation to develop a recommended list of key, testable, social indicators which have potential for evaluating the quality of farmer engagement and the social outcomes and social sustainability of agreements.
The third stage develops a robust, workable method to test the social indicators. This involves farmers and other land managers, as well as their agri-environment scheme advisors.
To develop a better understanding of the social factors which affect the quality of land managers’ engagement with schemes and the social outcomes from schemes. In gaining a better understanding of these engagement factors and social outcomes we will better understand land managers' experience of engaging with their agreement and how this affects
• their motivation to engage,
• the environmental outcomes delivered, and
• whether they decide to participate in future schemes.
Contribute to a broader understanding of how we assess the social sustainability of schemes.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : LM0478_Social_Indicators_FRP   (2475k)
• LIT - Literature Review : LM0478_Social_Indicators_Evidence_Review_Report   (942k)
• TPS - Two Page Summary : LM0478_Social_Indicators_TPS   (828k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2020

Cost: £93,931
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Gloucester
Environmental Stewardship              
Social Sciences