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Evaluation of cultivated margin option effectiveness - LM0471

The project aims to look at how different types of margin management and quality can affect insect populations, with particular regards to pollinators and predators. The two margin types that will be studied are those which are annually cultivated and those which are sown with wildflowers.
Monthly invertebrate sampling of each margin to identify functional groups of species including pollinators and predatory insects present in the margins each month will be conducted together with abundance levels. This may require pitfall trapping, observations and sweep netting. A description will also be made and photographic records of the character of the margin at each recorded survey date. For the purposes of this study ‘character’ includes:
a. Plant species present and growth stage.
b. Percentage cover of bare ground and dead vegetative material.
c. Weather conditions on day of survey.
d. Details of any crop treatments applied within the survey month on adjacent land.
The objective of this project is to quantify the habitat conditions which affect invertebrate assemblages both positively and negative and thus allowing improved option selection and management guidelines. The invertebrate information can also be extrapolated and potentially expanded upon to create linkage between crop pollinators and pest predation to widen the appeal and uptake of creating habitats such as those in the farmed environment.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2018

To: 2020

Cost: £121,370
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Game & Wildlife Conversation Trust
Environmental Stewardship