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Updating LandIS database (Follow on SR0105) - LE0309

(Transferring to SR0105 in 1994/95)

LE0309. LandIS: a new platform for the future.

The Land Information System (LandIS) comprises a number of databases which contain information about UK soils, climate and land. However, the system is now 10 years old and requires updating, due to the emergence of a number of technical problems relating to mode of access, database management software, the graphics component and the method of operation. This project will aim to update LandIS, by establishing a reference site at Silsoe, where the central databases will be stored on a dedicated server and a number of applications packages will be developed for running on stand-alone. A logical system design will be developed for the full LandIS system, according to the principles of Structured Systems Analysis and Design methodology, and data flows will be identified. The ORACLE relational database management system is proposed for managing the databases at the reference site and a powerful workstation running under the UNIX operating system will also be installed. All the existing applications (data retrievals and interpretations) currently available through the online menu system will be rewritten in XBASES for running on an IBM compatible PC platform under the MS-DOS/Windows operating system; each application will be written as a separate module so that users can select the one they require. The PC packages will be stand-alone and will be developed as early as possible in the life of the project to maximise benefit to their users. In addition, a dedicated GIS server will be set up for application development and research and development work; the existing National Soil Map and EC Soil Map in digital form will be mounted on this server. It is anticipated that this project will advance the scientific understanding behind land information system development and will result in greater integration of the information retrieval process, largely using relational database management systems, and spatial expression, with the Geographical Information System.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1994

Cost: £240,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Soil Survey and Land Research Centre
Fields of Study
Soil Protection