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Rapid Evidence Assessment: Risks to Human Health from Antimicrobial Resistance in the Water Environment - WT1588

A rapid evidence analysis to determine what pathways are most responsible for disseminating antimicrobial resistance from the aquatic environment into humans. The literature search was performed in the first quarter of 2017 using 48 Boolean/wildcard combinations within 8 academic databases, 13 organisational websites and 2 search engines. From just over 24,000 articles a final total of 48 were fed into the analysis. This was due to the limited and sporadic appearance of articles on antimicrobial resistance that also contain a connection with the aquatic environment. Furthermore due to inherent heterogeneity of studies on humans, the study found it difficult to conclude that the transmission pathways from an aquatic source were the absolute cause of transmission of antimicrobial resistance to people. Overall the analysis concluded that although there may be potential route of infection, and that these are likely seasonal, they are not expected to be of concern to healthy individuals.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : WT1588_Final_Report   (494k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2017

To: 2017

Cost: £31,684
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Harper Adams University College
Water Quality