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What works briefing on natural environment and health interventions - BE0128

The aim of the project is to produce ‘what works’ briefing on natural environment and health interventions for selected priority issues and/or target groups.

For each selected priority issue and/or target group, the briefing will: identify successful interventions that have delivered health benefits from using green/blue space; assess, and where possible quantify, the impact of successful interventions with different segments of society; establish the kind of interventions that drive highest social return; and identify the likely potential for adoption of these interventions at a larger scale. The briefing will fill a gap identified in our recent Evidence Statement on the natural environment and human health.
The objectives are:

• To undertake a short scoping phase to review possible priority issues and/or target groups and select issues and groups in discussion with Defra and other stakeholders. Possible priority issues and target groups include:
- Social/green prescribing - covering all ages, including older people, the long term ill and disabled
- The very young: contact with the natural environment
- Young people: sport, health and nature

• For each selected priority issue and/or target group, to make recommendations for the key audience for the briefing and agree this with Defra
• To review relevant evidence and existing practice and identify what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and why. The project should review academic and other literature, and liaise appropriately with practitioners and other stakeholders to incorporate practical expertise.

The evidence and practice review should examine funding arrangements for individual interventions, priority issues and/or target groups
• To develop a range of case studies of good practice
• To identify and examine opportunities and challenges that may need to be overcome in developing and implementing interventions, including funding and adoption of interventions at larger scale
• To provide high quality outputs to communicate findings to the intended audiences, including innovative approaches where appropriate
• To make recommendations for further work in this area to meet the needs of policy and practitioners
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2017

To: 2017

Cost: £37,355
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Exeter
Social Sciences