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Evaluating the HLS Farmland Bird Package: 2016 re-survey - LM0463

This project comprises four modules of work relating a re-survey of farms under HLS agreements that are deploying bundles of options designed to benefit farmland birds, ie delivering the so-called HLS Farmland Bird Package (FBP). These farms were first surveyed in 2011, before the bird–friendly options were deployed, so the 2016 survey will take place 5 years after management has taken place which should be long enough to detect statistically significant responses by the birds if they have occurred.
Module 1. Evaluating the HLS Farmland Bird Package: collate, standardise and centrally archive data from 2011, and pre-survey coordination for 2016 re-survey

Module 2. Evaluating The HLS Farmland Bird Package – breeding season re-survey (Dorset & Wiltshire), data analyses and reporting

Module 3 Evaluating the HLS Farmland Bird Package – breeding season re-survey in Kent, Hampshire & Sussex (South Downs), Gloucestershire (Cotswolds) and Warwickshire, to feed into Module 2 analysis

Module 4 Evaluating the HLS Farmland Bird Package – provision of BBS data as a control stratum

Across all 33 FBP sites, analyses of 2011/ 2016 data which will allow quantification of:
• changes in the farm-scale abundance of key species over time on the FBP sites
• relationships between numbers of key farmland bird species and the amount of bird-friendly habitat created on the FBP sites
• whether the breeding territories of a selection of key farmland bird species are associated with the distributions of key Environmental Stewardship options
• changes in population trends on FBP sites relative to those in the surrounding wider countryside (as measured by BBS – Module 4)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2016

To: 2017

Cost: £124,601
Contractor / Funded Organisations
British Trust For Ornithology (BTO)
Environmental Stewardship              
Farm Management              
Natural Environment