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Monitoring the impact of Environmental Stewardship (ES )on Landscape Character and Quality: 2015 Survey - LM0456

An approach (BD5303) was developed to monitor and assess the effects of Environmental Stewardship on landscape character and quality at the scale of individual Study Areas. The recently completed rapid landscape approach project (LM0434), closely reflected what has been learnt from the field experience gained through BD5303. This rapid field survey approach has therefore been developed as an outcome from the BD5303 field survey method. It aims to maximise the number of 1km squares surveyed by adopting a largely ‘tick box’ approach to recording the survey results. In this way it offers a comprehensive ‘broad and shallow’ survey approach that collects a large amount of relatively simple data over a large area (many sample 1km survey squares) which can be calibrated by the ‘narrow and deep’ survey findings from BD5303. The Rapid survey approach was always envisaged as a longer term survey and the current project will extend the survey into a second year thereby providing a baseline for future landscape monitoring.

•To assess the impact of Environmental Stewardship (ES) on landscape character and quality in selected areas to be agreed with Natural England at the inception of the contract;
•To allow potential comparative research into landscape change over time on holdings where agri-environment agreements cease;
•To further develop the survey work undertaken during 2014 to provide a comprehensive baseline to underpin the future monitoring of the landscape outcomes of both ES and CS schemes. This will involve utilising field monitoring techniques developed by ‘BD5303 (Annex 2 ) and further refined during 2014 in a rapid field survey approach; to propose any further refinements to the rapid assessment methodology where these are identified including provision of recommendations for improvements to future field work undertaken in terms of logistics, potential for co-ordination with other survey teams, recording and reporting mechanisms;
•To analyse the field survey results and compare findings with those of the 2014 survey, BD5303 and the NCA threshold results of the LM0429 project (LM0429)
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : LM0456 Monitoring the impact of Environmental Stewardship (ES) on landscape character and quality: 2015 survey   (9717k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2015

To: 2017

Cost: £209,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Land Use Consultants