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Provision of an horizon scanning and futures function for the Defra network - SD0340

Delivery of foresight and insight to help Defra, its Network and extended partners (including the Environment Agency, Natural England, Welsh Government and Food Standards Agency) to identify potential threats, risks and opportunities – and to act on the findings – in order to achieve strategy, policy and operational goals. To support futures capacity within the Defra Network and extended partnership and help develop the skills and knowledge required to use horizon scanning and futures techniques and to use the outputs to enhance strategy, policy and delivery.
1. A regular horizon scanning report to identify and disseminate emerging issues relevant to the Core Group’s stated shared needs and priorities, on the short (1-3 year), medium (4-10 year) and long term (10+ year) horizons. An analysis of the insights should be included to help us interpret the potential implications of the findings. This should include some qualitative assessment of the likelihood and potential environmental, social and economic impacts to enable an analysis of the relative importance of insights .

2. An annual synthesis of the most important horizon scanning insights for the Defra Network Core Group. This should identify both topic-based and cross-cutting issues and provide an analysis of potential risks and opportunities for the Network.

3. An ad hoc capacity for skills enhancement, to help us ensure business teams across the Network understand the relevance and utility of futures techniques, are able to use futures outputs effectively and able to carry out their own futures studies appropriate to their needs. Support to help the Network be an ‘intelligent customer’ for futures research.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2014

To: 2017

Cost: £430,625
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Sami Consulting
Horizon Scanning