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Public Analyst Knowledge Transfer in Food Authenticity - FA0403

This project will sponsor a week long event to facilitate knowledge exchange by food analysis experts on food authenticity and food safety. This event also contributes to the Mastership in Chemical Analysis (MChemA), which is the statutory qualification for appointment by Food Authorities to the position of Public Analyst.

This activity supports wider government activity to raise awareness of food authenticity and to promote the uptake of analytical tools for use by Public Analysts to tackle food fraud and upskill Public Analysts. It is co-funded by the Food Standards Agency (for food safety aspects).
1. The funding is to support knowledge exchange between food control analysts on the analytical challenges posed by food authenticity as part of activity to upskill Public Analysts on the specialist techniques needed to detect food authenticity mislabelling issues.

2. To gather evidence on authenticity knowledge transfer needs to support food law enforcement. This information will be used to inform defras Food Authenticity Research programme activity on knowledge transfer.

3. To inform PAs about government funded food authenticity activity

4. Deliver a short report on feedback from Public Analysts and disseminate outputs to raise awareness of food authenticity
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2014

To: 2015

Cost: £20,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Reading