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SBRI project - Innovative approaches to detection and control of plant and tree pests - insect 'fingerprints' - PH0461

Timber pests have the potential to cause significant environmental and economic damage to the UK. The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology have estimated that the sectors of the economy threatened by timber pests contribute over £1 billion per annum to UK GDP.
It can be difficult for non-experts to distinguish pernicious pest species from less damaging insects. This is because many serious pests are often found at a soft bodied immature stage, when they are visually almost identical to less harmful indigenous insects.
Under this SBRI call the Contractor will develop a portable system for the automatic identification of soft bodied timber pests. The system we are proposing will not only be both rapid and low cost, but will be also be portable and allow non-taxonomic experts to accurately identify the immature stages of potential timber pests.
1. Source, evaluate and procure all the materials needed for the project; these include all biological materials (3-5 holometabolous insect species).
2. Build and test hardware
3. Test gel/reagent combinations
4. Build training/test datasets for DAISY analysis
5. Analyse system recognition accuracy
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2014

Cost: £20,829
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Tumbling Dice Ltd
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Fields of Study
Plant Health