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Integrating Public and Scientific Judgement into Tool-kit for Managing Food-Related Risks. Stage 3:Parameter Valuation - FS1804

A research programme aimed at increasing the transparency, openness and accountibilty of risk management decisions has been undertaken and its first stage comprised of a literature review and feasibilty study. The second stage, currently in progress, is the development of decision-making software based on decision analysis for managing food-related risks. To complete the programme of research, the third and final stage has been proposed which will take the software to members of the public to obtain their input directly and explicitly. With public participation, the ultimate goal of this research, to increase consumer confidence in the food supply can be achieved.
1) apply the software developed instage 2 to obtain utility values from representative memebrs of the public, 2) to integrate the public's values and the expert's values on the scientific parameters of food-related hazards, 3) the combined inputs will provide a sound ranking of food-related risks to guide food safety policy makers.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1993

To: 1994

Cost: £44,848
Contractor / Funded Organisations
East Anglia University, Environmental Sc