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Payments for ecosystem services (PES) -PES pilot research projects (2012-13): Peatland carbon code, Project 5 - NE0141

This PES pilot will help develop our understanding of the potential for a UK Peatland Carbon Code, designed to pay for the restoration and re-wetting of degraded peatlands across the UK, through a combination of market research and expert meetings. This will lead to the launch of a phase 1 Peatland Code and associated pilot projects (designed to the requirements of the Code and informing its future development).
This PES Pilot project will perform the following tasks (linked to other DEFRA funded projects):

• Identify the scope for peatland standard and code via review of existing similar standards and codes, interviews and workshops with carbon market experts, participants and scientists (WP1)

• Conduct market research to inform Code development (WP2)

• Link to research to develop carbon metrics (via vegetation proxies) to underpin the Code (DEFRA project “Valuing nature’s services: moving towards payments for ecosystem services and conservation credits in the English Uplands”) and other related projects (e.g. a NERC internship developing a peatland carbon scheme for South West Water)

• Launch Phase 1 Peatland Carbon Code providing enough detail to support private funding for Phase 1 pilot restoration projects (WP3).
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Defra PES Pilot Peat Code Final Report   (4687k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £23,613
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Birmingham City University
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