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Landfill emissions survey: sampling plan design and peer review - WR1510

The overall aim of this short assignment is:

1. To peer review the conceptual basis for estimating the lifetime methane capture rate of a landfill site; and
2. To critically examine the ability of alternative sampling strategies to effectively and efficiently estimate a national methane capture rate.

The study will conclude with a brief report explaining the technical issues that need to be considered in the sampling plan design, options for designing a suitable sampling approach and level of background information required to inform the survey design. This will provide a clear basis for completing the design of a sampling frame for ongoing methane emissions survey work.
a) Confirm the aim of the survey and how the survey results will be used to inform the UK GHG inventory.
b) Develop a basic conceptual model of methane emissions and capture efficiency over the lifetime of a landfill site and briefly examine the key controlling factors.
c) Critically review the pilot data and report produced by the NPL study, including the calculation of methane capture rates and the associated measurement uncertainty.
d) Review Defra's sampling design document and comment on the relative merits of alternative sampling approaches.
e) Review potential stratifying factors to take account of systematic differences in capture rates among landfill sites, and consider options for dealing with daily and seasonal variation in methane emissions.
f) Consider the potential use of closed cells on operational landfill sites as proxies for abandoned sites.
g) Undertake a rapid, initial high level assessment of the quality of available landfill monitoring information to be provided by the Environment Agency.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2012

Cost: £5,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
WRc plc
Fields of Study
Waste Management