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An uncertainty analysis for DOC, DDOC and decay factors for municipal waste - WR1902

The overall aim of this short assignment is to peer review as well as add technical narative to a project report (WR1003) prepared by Resource Futures for Defra exploring the biodegradable nature of residual waste being disposed to landfill.
1. Review the calculations for estimating the biodegradability of deposited wastes reported by Resource Futures in the WR1003 draft final report. This task will also make an assessment of the comparability of the reported waste fraction analyses with a wider interpretation of UK-wide data. Range data on fractions will be taken from WRc in-house datasets, data reported by Eunomia in reviewing MelMod and constants used by the IPPC.

2. Conduct a sensitivity analysis of DOC and DDOC results using alternative calculation methods and principles (BMc + pre-BMc fibre analysis data, Eunomia revisions to MelMod; and predictive cubic metres per tonne by LOI/TOC/fibre and BMc). From this analysis, determine range data and standard deviations for calculated results.

3. Review the data presented in the Resource Futures draft final report and to include calculations for the amount of residual biogenic carbon which is not readily degradable.

4. Provide additional text for direct inclusion in the existing technical report including range values, standard deviations based on calculations and provision of all information on a standard per tonne of waste basis.

5. Provide of a short summary of the analytical programme, details of the tests and outcomes as a sub-section of the Resource Futures report to Defra.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2012

Cost: £4,500
Contractor / Funded Organisations
WRc plc
Landfill Management