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Production of illustrations and a guide to Ponto-Caspian crustaceans - WC1049

There are 13 species to be illustrated, in eight genera (see list at end). These form four major morphological groups: Gammarid type (Dikerogammarus, Echinogammarus, Pontogammarus, Obesogammarus); Janirid type (Jaera); Mysid type (Hemimysis, Limnomysis); Corophiid type (Corophium).

There will need to be one drawing per group to show the form of the entire animal, plus 1-2 figures per species to show the morphological features of importance. The collection will also benefit from illustrations of key features of native or established genera (Gammarus, Crangonyx, Orchestia, Mysis), to avoid confusion.

Drawings will be line drawings in black ink on white paper. There will be a minimum of four whole-animal drawings, plus a minimum of 17 other drawings showing key morphological features. A minimum of 21 drawings will be provided; however, if the work benefits from up to 10 more drawings of specific morphological features, then these will be provided at no extra cost.

Source of specimens
The FBA will endeavour to acquire specimens of relevance. If specimens cannot be sourced, then a visit will be made to the Natural History Museum, London, to examine their collections.

Ownership of drawings and copyright
The original drawings will remain the property of the artist, Michael Dobson. Copyright for the images will be retained by Michael Dobson and the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA), who will grant Defra the right to use the figures for their own appropriate purposes. (The true cost of producing the drawings as described above would be considerably more than quoted here; retention of copyright allows use of figures that have already been produced, plus a reduced fee for the remaining figures.)

2. Identification guide
Drawings will be incorporated into a simple identification guide, including a simple key. This guide will be created by Simon Pawley. Michael Dobson will create the key and will provide expert input to assist with the layout. It is anticipated that the guide will be 8-12 pages in length and A5 size.

Copyright for the booklet will be with Defra. Unless instructed otherwise at the outset, the FBA will create the booklet using its own template. Logos of FBA and Defra will be clearly displayed.

The guide will be delivered in pdf format on or before 31 March 2012. It will be useable either as a download or with an option for printing. A print run of 150 copies will also be produced. The guide will be available to download from the FBA website and the NNSS website, and will be offered to any others that Defra feels are appropriate. It will be publicised through FBA membership and contacts, which include as corporate members EA, NE, CCW, SNH, SEPA and NIEA.
Development of identification guides to aid in the monitoring for invasvive non-native pontocapsian crustacea which are at risk of imminent arrival in GB.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : FBA freshwater shrimp and iospods guide   (4217k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2012

Cost: £7,470
Contractor / Funded Organisations
The Freshwater Biological Association