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Pesticide dose Adjustment to the Crop Environment (PACE) into fruit tree spraying practice - PS2031

Pesticide labels for orchard spraying in the UK express dose as amounts of the product to be applied per unit ground area, regardless of tree size or density, and for many pesticides, regardless of crop growth stage. Before our research started, it had long been known that this practice probably resulted in wide variation in deposits above the minimum for biological efficacy and thus was wasteful for many applications.
This project will be a concerted effort by us over a 2 year period to transfer a webpage linked PACE system into widespread commercial practice in the UK. We will work closely with the main UK tree fruit Producer Organisations and crop consultants to train the majority of tree fruit growers in the use of the new PACE webpage. We will select 7 leading fruit growers from throughout the main UK tree fruit growing areas and assist them to implement PACE on their farms, monitoring results in terms of efficacy and pesticide use. Throughout the project and especially at its end, the experiences of the 7 growers and their consultants will be used to further develop, promote and transfer the PACE technology more widely to the UK industry
The overall aim of this project is to make a concerted effort over a 2 year period (2012-13) to transfer the webpage linked PACE system into widespread commercial practice in the UK. Component objectives are as follows:
Objective 1: Training workshops: To ensure that the majority of UK growers, spray operators, consultants and Producer Organisation technical persons are trained in the use of the PACE webpage system by providing 9 half-day training workshops, appropriately spread to cover the principle tree fruit growing regions of England (Kent and SE, East Anglia, Herefordshire and West Midlands)
Objective 2: Implementation on farms: Working with the major UK tree fruit Producer Organisations/Marketing Organisations (Fruition/WorldWideFruit, Mid-Kent Growers/Norman Collett, Empire World Trade, SGT, Orchard World, FruitLINK) and independent minded crop protection consultants, to implement PACE on the farms of 7 selected leading fruit growers for two years (2012-13), monitoring the results in terms of efficacy of pest and disease control and pesticide use reduction.
Objective 3: Feedback. To feed back the results from objective 2 to the wider grower and industry community by reporting progress and results to PO grower groups, consultants and CRD.
Objective 4: Informatics development. Further development of PACE informatics to improve integration with farm management practices.
Project Documents
• EVID4 - Final project report : PS2031 Final report   (1337k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £63,327
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