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Evaluation of the Waste Reward and Recognition Fund - EV0530

The primary aim of the project is to help design consistent monitoring and evaluation methodologies for the successful RRF project, synthesise the results of the individual project pilot evaluation within RRF and assess the effect of Reward and Recognition schemes on improving waste behaviours. The aim of this programme-level evaluation is to capture the range and diversity of RRF pilots being managed and delivered across this programme with regards to the profile of the areas, audiences and types of intervention being trialled, and to assess the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the reward and recognition interventions being tested through RRF in encouraging the target audience groups to improve participation in a range of positive waste behaviours.

Note: Project EV0530 covers the first part of the Evaluation of the Waste Reward and Recognition Fund. Due to contractual changes related to the expiry of the earlier Lead Contract arrangements this project is continued under Project WR1509.
The key objectives are to:
• Understand and measure the impact of the RRF pilots on improving waste behaviours
• Understand and measure the take-up of the RRF schemes, and how participation varies across the different pilot schemes and audience groups
• Understand the barriers to take-up of the RRF schemes by the target audiences
• Identify the critical factors which make the RRF schemes successful
• Assess the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the RRF schemes
• Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the different projects' intervention methodologies and approaches – identify which approaches are more successful at delivering change and why
• Identify where is there potential for scaling up and replication of projects on a wider scale.
• Learn lessons about the impact of the projects to share with other organisations.
• Identify implications and evidence gaps to help inform the funding of any further pilot schemes

Project Documents
• ANX - Annex : RRF Brook Lyndhurst response to Interim Report peer review comments   (540k)
• ANX - Annex : RRF Interim Report Peer Review   (447k)
• IR - Interim Report : RRF Interim report   (2174k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2013

Cost: £159,481
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Brook Lyndhurst Ltd
Social Research              
Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production