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UK Guidance for Water Sensitive Urban Design - WT0954

Water Sensitive Urban Design focuses on the relationship and synergies between urban development, landscape, and the urban water cycle, recognising that community values and sustainability should inform urban design decisions and water management practices. It challenges traditional approaches to urban water management by holistically considering the management of urban water from delivery through to operation and management with the goals of minimising and treating runoff, reducing potable water use and matching different water sources for different uses.

These practices enable the environment to become more resilient to climatic change and delivers the multiple benefits of urban water management and green infrastructure. WSUD focuses on the concepts of integration, liveability, quality of place and delivering multiple benefits through ecosystem services and green infrastructure (positively contributing to the Natural Environment White Paper). This proposed scoping study will explore the value of WSUD in the UK looking at a variety of scales from the catchment through to individual buildings by drawing on case studies from other countries (like Australia, New Zealand, America and parts of Europe) and providing a UK context.

The outputs from this completed project may be found on the supplier Ciria’s own website.
The specific objectives for the project are to:
ćIdentify essential disciplines, industry bodies and communities that need to be engaged to deliver a WSUD approach in the UK.
ćConsult with practitioners and relevant communities on the potential opportunities (and challenges) for WSUD in the UK.
ćUndertake an extensive review of relevant guidance (both national and international) and its application to delivering WSUD in UK.
ćFully understand the opportunities and barriers for applying WSUD approaches in the UK. Looking at linkages with relevant regulatory, planning and investment decision making frameworks.
ćExplore relevant case studies both in the UK and internationally.
ćDevelop a vision for WSUD in the UK.
ćDevelop a structure, format and contents of potential guidance.
ćDevelop an imaginative communication and dissemination programme on the potential for WSUD in the UK (to raise awareness and engage the necessary range of disciplines and communities).
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £20,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations