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Provision Of Research Project To Use Eco systems Services Approach To Value Air Quality - NE0117

This project is intended to undertake secondary analysis to apply the Ecosystems Services Approach (as set out above) to the impacts of four key air pollutants (oxides of nitrogen (NOX), sulphur oxides (SOX), Ammonia (NH3) and Ozone (O3)) on the natural environment. In undertaking this exercise the three key objectives are:
• To as far as possible estimate, where evidence exists, the economic impacts of improvements in the natural environment from improving emissions leading to nitrogen oxides sulphur oxides, ammonia and ozone .
• To provide a indicative methodology to value the impacts to the natural environment from air pollution, where the necessary evidence exists.
• Assess the systematic and informational challenges to the application of the ESA to the impacts of air pollution.
• Identify methodological and evidence gaps and propose solutions to fill these in discussion with the Project Board
In estimating the total economic cost of air quality it is necessary to undertake a pragmatic application of the ESA. This application will need to collect additional information and make justifiable assumptions in order to apply the methodology as far as practicable. This valuation is expected to provide both an approach which would enable the quantification of accumlulated damage to ecosystem services from air pollution and a snapshot of the damage in at least one year but should be applicable more widely to assess impacts in different time periods including projections of damage.
While applying the methodology it is also expected that the applied approach be set out clearly so that subsequently, if justified, the approach could be incorporated into the central evaluation methodology. In making such an application any key assumptions and data gaps should be identified to highlight notable gaps and weaknesses in the evidence base which prevent further progress in this area.
Finally in using the Defra provided guidance to use the ESA, feedback is required on its application. Specifically it should consider both the general challenges in applying the existing guidance and more specifically any issues in relation to air quality. For air quality this would include key notable gaps in the available evidence, key systematic challenges and any options to clarify the guidance.
Key to this project will be the ability of the contractor to be flexible in their approach and to work closely with Defra. This may involve changes to the methodology and timetable for example in light of new evidence collected or feedback from the steering group.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : NE0117 Using the ecosystems services approach to value air quality-final report   (664k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2012

Cost: £73,092
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Air Pollution              
Economic Methodologies              
Ecosystem Service              
Impact assessment              
Natural Environment