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Climate Change: Calculation of mitigation potential of new ELS and UELS options. Follow-up to the outputs of BD2302 - BD5007

Environmental Stewardship was introduced to build on the already successful Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) scheme and the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS). Although primarily engaged with resource protection such as soil and water and the enhancement of biodiversity, the alterations in land use that are undertaken during the implementation of ES options do have implications for climate change. The precursor to this project: BD2302 focused on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation within Environmental Stewardship (ES) – establishing the potential for delivery of climate change mitigation under the scheme. However, sufficient time has now elapsed to warrant a review of this work to ensure that the scenarios continue to be robust and that the most up-to-date parameters are incorporated within the calculations. In addition, new options have been introduced to ES (in the main UELS options) which were not included in the original work.
To update the ES climate change mitigation figures published in BD2302
To provide ES climate change mitigation figures for new ES options (including UELS).

1. Review the scenarios (that underpin the ES option calculations) to ensure that they reflect landuse change experienced under ES.

2. Review literature that has emerged since BD2302 to ensure that the emission parameters used in the calculations are appropriate

3. Calculate revised emission figures for ES options

4. Calculate revised emission figures for the ES scheme
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : UH BD5007 Final Report   (873k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2011

Cost: £24,300
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Hertfordshire
Climate Change