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GHG platform - Data management - AC0114

“This research project aims to provide fundamental improvements in the accuracy and resolution of the UK National Inventory and the development of a more detailed reporting methodology though an intensive period of coordinated exploration, synthesis and modelling of existing data from across the scientific community and industry data holders. We will achieve this by delivering:

• A revised set of inventory emission factors for nitrous oxide and methane, that are critically derived from a synthesis of both published and unpublished literature and experimental data from the UK, supported by model based interpolation of measured data to representative geo-climate zones. The benefit being a set of country specific emission factors approved for use in reporting;
• A disaggregation of the UK Agricultural Survey and farm practice data according to a typology of representative farm systems (conventional, organic, upland, lowland, dairy, arable etc), soils and climate zones. The benefit being an increased ability to disaggregate national emissions for the Devolved Administrations along agricultural sector and product lines (to aid wider stakeholder engagement and the tracking of emissions along the food chain) and increased spatial and temporal resolution of baseline emissions reporting and tracking of emission reductions;
• A synthesis of outputs and recommendations on an improved National Inventory methodology as input to project AC0112 that will deliver an integrated inventory of the nitrous oxide, methane and ammonia emissions from UK agriculture. The benefit being the integrated accounting of nitrogen flows, and the integration of farm practice data relevant to both greenhouse gas and ammonia mitigation;
• A methodology for calculating the uncertainty budget of the improved National Inventory methodology. The benefit being able to prioritise further mitigation activity and collation of farm practice data, to minimise the uncertainties in emission projections to 2050 for analysis of policy outcomes;
• An archive of 1) agri-environment data used in the derivation of revised emission factors, including soils and climate data, for reference purposes only; and 2) summary derived emission factor tables and associated soil-climate emission zone boundary maps to be freely used for the annual calculation of national gaseous emissions. And a scoping of the requirements for data management and reporting software that would support an operational inventory.”
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2010

To: 2015

Cost: £2,584,793
Contractor / Funded Organisations
SAC Commercial Ltd, Centre for Environmental Data Archival, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Organic Research Centre, ADAS UK Ltd., University - Reading, University - Aberdeen, IBERS, Rothamsted Research (BBSRC), Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, University - Cranfield