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Assessment of building foams containing ozone-depleting substances in UK building stock - WR1117

Recasting of EC Regulation 2037/2000 gives the European Commission power to determine, via a technical advisory committee, the circumstances and technologies which make recovery and destruction of ozone-depleting substances in building foam practicable. This could lead to the mandatory recovery and destruction of these foams from demolition waste in Members States and Defra need to understand the implications for the UK of such a requirement, in order to assist in preparations for any such obligation.

The EU have commissioned research into the recovery and destruction of ODS banks in products and equipment, which should report in December 2009 but Defra also requires information specifically for the UK.

To help understand issues associated with the recovery and destruction of ozone-depleting substances in building insulation foam within building and demolition waste.


1. Quantify the amount and distribution of insulation foam containing ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in existing UK building stock; and
2. Identify options to identify (on site), separate, recover and dispose of ODS-containing building foams. Evaluate these options and recommend the most cost-effective option.
3. Assess the infrastructure capacity required to deal with this waste.
4. Assess the additional costs overall and by type of foam, the environmental impacts and operational implications of a mandatory requirement for the recovery and destruction of ODS substances building foam in the UK
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2010

Cost: £86,889
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Building Research Establishment Ltd
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Processing techs for treatment /energy recovery              
Residual Wastes Management              
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Fields of Study
Waste Management