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Deep Sea Habitats - Contributing towards completion of the a deep-sea habitat classification scheme - MB0105

Summary Objective:
To interpret acoustic datasets from the deep-sea to assist in redefining the top levels of the EUNIS habitat classification scheme. The current project will build on existing classification work and be aligned with ongoing classification work on the deep-sea.

Key Customer Purpose:
To contribute towards a revision of the deep-sea section of the EUNIS habitat classification scheme due in Spring 2009. This work will aid the Regional Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Projects in the identification of MCZs by providing a coherent classification scheme for deep-sea habitats.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Deep Sea Habitats - Contributing Towards Completion of a Deep-Sea Habitat Classification Scheme   (1390k)
• Information Leaflet : MB0105 Deep Sea Habitat Classification   (233k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2009

Cost: £41,879
Contractor / Funded Organisations
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Environmental Protection              
Marine conservation              
Nature conservation