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Stakeholder Engagement Approaches to Strengthn UK Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy 2008 -2013 - ME4142

The UK Marine Monitoring & Assessment Strategy is intended to provide an integrated and co-ordinated approach to monitoring and assessing the state of the UK seas.

This is needed to:
- ensure compliance with national and international monitoring obligations and commitments
- ensure that sufficient robust monitoring information is available to provide decision and operational support
- improve the co-ordination and efficienty of the UK's marine monitoring activities

The UKMMAS supports several important strategic issues: Charting Progress 2, meeting targets set out under OSPAR Quality Status Report and the Water Framework Directive, and achieving Good Environmental Status in marine and transitional waters by 2020 as specified by the proposed European Marine Strategy Directive. The UKMMAS is a complex document which underpins an even more complex set of processes and has a correspondingly complex set of interactions with its stakeholders.

Previous methods used to draw up the UKMMAS have not been able to rationalise and simplify the set of objectives and relationships to the extent needed to improve stakeholder engagement. In a policy context, strategy development needs to be done via a process of stakeholder engagement, rather than communicated after the documents have been drawn up internally (see Barnett, 2008). This applied research project will build on Barnett's stakeholder engagement work, using two tools for stakeholder engagement developed for Defra (logical frameworks and matrix mapping) to test the hypothesis that using two tools whose primary purpose is stakeholder engagement will make a substantive difference to the quality of the UKMMA strategy and action plan.


Barnett J (2008) Making consultation meaningful: putting consultation in its place. Report of an ESRC fellowship with Defra.
1. A logical framework, which presents existing information from the current draft of the UKMMAS document as a set of hierarchical objectives with accompanying performance measures

2. A map of current measurement activities set against the UK’s strategic priorities for monitoring information

3. Presentation of the UKMMAS in a glossy document for internal and external communication purposes

4. Final report for project which bundles the individual outputs and pulls out lessons learned from using the tools, for wider Defra application.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2008

Cost: £10,928
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Delta Partnership
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Environmental monitoring              
Environmental Protection              
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Marine Monitoring              
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine