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Non-Agricultural Diffuse Pollution RIA - WT0755

This work will assess the costs and benefits (taking into account social, economic and environmental impacts) of a suite of policy options being considered as means of tackling difffuse water pollution from non-agricultural sources (Non-Agricultural Diffuse Water Pollution - NADWP). The information will be used to inform an Impact Assessment for submission for ministerial approval and subsequent public consultation.

Following a preliminary Cost Effectiveness Analysis (pCEA), carried out by Royal Haskoning in 2007, and subsequent work carried out by Defra a range of options have been identified for further study. These options are:
• General Binding Rule on Washing Activities
• General Binding Rule on Abuse of the Drainage System
• General Binding Rule on Permeable Paving
• General Binding Rule on Surface Water Control Plans on Construction Sites
• General Binding Rule on Site Management on Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Sites
• Removal of P in laundry detergents (total ban via regulation; restriction by industry agreement and restriction by stockist agreement)
• Removal of P in dishwasher detergents (total ban via regulation; restriction by industry agreement and restriction by stockist agreement)
• Resolving Misconnections
• The use of Water Protection Zones
• A voluntary Code of Practice on Septic Tanks
• Awareness raising campaign
• A Training Scheme to supplement the Site Management GBR
• SUDS - options for ownership and adoption
• The removal of the right to connect surface water drainage to a sewer (Section 106, Water Industry Act 1991)
The purposes of this project are:
1. To collect information about costs and benefits suitable to allow analysis of measures proposed;
2. To produce a series of impact assessments to accompany linked consultations on NADWP, SUDS and Section 106;
3. To provide, via the impact assessment, an analysis of the social, environmental and economic risks and benefits associated with a range of options to tackle Non-Agricultural Diffuse Water Pollution, and to encourage the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), including reviewing the disincentive provided by Section 106 of the Water Industries Act 1991.
4. To present the final report according to the timescales set out in section 7c.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2008

Cost: £68,900
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Royal Haskoning
Diffuse Pollution              
Environmental Protection              
Water Quality              
Fields of Study
Water Quality